COVID 19 Town Response

Posted on Tuesday April 07, 2020 at 02:28PM

Town Council and Staff would like to express their sincerest gratitude to workers in the health care field and employees that are still able to report to work to support the community in these very uncertain times. Your dedication is noticed and appreciated. To those business owners and employees that are impacted by closures, we understand that these are difficult times. The Town is continuing to monitor the situation to determine our ongoing response. At the current time, the following initiatives will be undertaken.

Utility Services:

The Town will continue to bill for utility services as usual. However, to best serve our customers in these extraordinary times, the Town has made the following changes to current utility collections activities:
1. Utility disconnections due to arrears will be suspended until September 1, 2020;
2. Late payment charges will be suspended on all utility accounts until September 1, 2020; and
3. We will continue to generate utility bills, reminders and other related notices for customers who are in arrears to keep them informed of their current situation.

These measures are aimed at providing financial relief for customers who may not be able to afford to pay their bills on time. By suspending late payment charges, utility customers will have the option to delay bill payments without putting themselves in additional financial hardship. However, staff will continue to work with customers regarding payment arrangements so as not to leave them in a difficult financial situation in the future.

Delaying disconnections will help ensure that all homes have access to water, allowing for proper hand-washing and personal hygiene.

Property Tax:
Your 2020 Property Tax notice will be delivered by the end of June, 2020. Decreasing discount periods will continue to be in effect until December 31, 2020.
1. Current late payment charges for 2019 tax notices will be suspended until September 1, 2020.
2. Tax enforcement measures will be suspended until September 1, 2020

You may have some extra time on your hands! From April 8 until further notice, for Town of Oxbow and RM of Enniskillen residents, all fees at the landfill will be waived to allow you the opportunity to deliver trash and debris from your homes and yards. Please review the Town website for items that cannot be accepted. https://files.townlife.com/public/uploads/documents/25515/TOWN_OF_OXBOW_TRANSFER_STATION_POLICY.pdf

Author: Town of Oxbow


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